Month: October 2018

Top Reasons to Buy Used Car Parts

If you are a car owner repairing an ordinary vehicle or restoring a classic, buying used parts has a number of benefits. You do not have to purchase brand new auto parts when there is a cost effective alternative available that is just as effective. The many benefits of used […]

Powder coating – What is it?

Powder coating is a process that gives a protective surface to steel or aluminum surfaces. In addition, a powder coating in a variety of colors is possible. Whether matt or glossy, green, red, white or black – this special form of coating gives your car or motorcycle color accents and also ensures […]


If you are organizing an event that requires a means of transport of a certain type and not the usual utilitarian, one option is to opt for limousine hire. Depending on the occasion you can choose a different one: the car for a wedding does not require a large number of seats. […]