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3 Applications of Diesel Engines

For many people, diesel engines are something of an enigma. The lack of familiarity around diesel is surprising given the significant benefits of diesel fuel systems. Diesel engines ignite through spontaneous combustion rather than spark ignition. As a result, they are generally more fuel-efficient, reliable and cost-efficient and are preferred […]

Roadside Service

With our years of experience in the assembly, modification and repair of trailers, we are always ready to listen to you, advise you and serve you in your projects of modification, repair and maintenance of your trailers. This is why at Hoffmeier offers you a trailer modification and repair service to […]

Powder coating – What is it?

Powder coating is a process that gives a protective surface to steel or aluminum surfaces. In addition, a powder coating in a variety of colors is possible. Whether matt or glossy, green, red, white or black – this special form of coating gives your car or motorcycle color accents and also ensures […]