Rent a car in Curacao

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Curacao, one of the aspects of your trip that you need to get right is transportation. It will ensure that once you land on the island, every second of your trip will be spent exploring the island instead of trying to sort out your transportation needs. While there is the option to explore the island by bus, we would recommend that you rent a car Curacao. With a rental car, you do not have to worry about planning your trip based on the bus company’s schedule. You can get up as early as you want, visit all the sites you want to visit and get back to your hotel at a time that you desire. A rental car also allows you to visit various tourist sites around the island that might not be accessible using public transport.

Explore Curacao is Style

Our car rental service allows you to explore all corners of Curacao in style; we have a variety of cars from which you can pick. You can opt to use a family car, an SUV, or a small car if you are traveling alone. All our cars are properly serviced to ensure that your trip around the island is safe and easy. If you have never been to the island before, we will be happy to give you a few useful pointers on how to get around the island. Our staff will tell about all the scenic spots you should visit and where to park your car. The best part about our Just Drive Curacao car rental service is that we offer great rates. For the price of just $40 a day, which is inclusive of risk insurance and taxes, you can tour Curacao in style. We also offer a free baby seat and GPS at $6 per day upon request.

Airport Pickup Service

If you want to reduce the hassle of getting around the island, we offer an airport shuttle service; we will pick you and your family at the airport and drop you off at our car rental service office.

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