How to install wheel spacers to your BMW?

A more stable BMW with great possibilities of staying steady and not overturning, wheel spacers are in need to install onto your BMW. These BMW wheel spacers provide you the advantage of fitting bigger tires for rocks, sand, mud, and snow. These essentials aid in the widening of the wheel offset or wheelbase of your BMW.

Installation of wheel spacers:

Always get the services of a qualified mechanic to install, service, and replacement of your wheels and wheel spacers. It is also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  1. Always install particular wheel spacers that are specifically designed for your vehicle.
  2. Park the vehicle on a hard, leveled surface, lose the break, and never remove lug nut fastens with the wheel to the hub to the tire iron before rising the vehicle.
  3. With an automotive jack raise vehicle at an appropriate point to lift a single tire.
  4. Remove the raised tire, slide the wheel off the hub, de-grease the hub and make the surface clean and smooth.
  5. Take extra care while installing the spacer on the factory hub. There should be no gap between the spacer and the brake rooter, not even a piece of paper could slip through.
  6. Must align the holes on the wheel spacer with those on the vehicle. The hub-centric ring ensures that the wheelsets firmly in the right place.
  7. Use exact length bolts to install right length extended bolt. Tight the lug nuts with a torque wrench. Use hands to spin the wheel and the wheel should spin with no obstruction freely.
  8. Double-check the bolt torque with a test drive.

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