Car Wash Before Or After Repairs?

The average person might not think about this topic in-depth and there is nothing wrong with that. You need your car repaired, so you will probably clear everything out of your car, vacuum it out, then take it to the repair shop if it is not horrendously dirty on the outside. That sounds like the average thing to do. But, there is more to it than that.

Depending on what kind of repair you need and how dirty your car is, you might end up being charged more for the repair shop to clean it than if you were to go to the car wash. This is because the repair shop has a car cleaning process they go by in order to repair your car in the most efficient way.

What Should I Do?

This is, yet again, a question that does not necessarily have a yes or no answer. What you should do depends on a few factors, but you should probably run your car through an express car wash if the repairs are going to be internal or mechanical. If repairs are going to be on the body of the car, it is best to skip the car wash as the repair shop will likely wash your car before returning it to you.

What About Afterwards?

After you get repairs done to your car, you can hand wash your car. It is recommended that you wait 60 days to get your car washed by a commercial car wash after repairs, but that also depends on what repairs were done. This is partially why getting your car washed before repairs is a good thing to do. You do not want any of the parts that require drying to have any conflict with a wash that came too soon.

Wash Your Car Before Internal Repairs

You took your clean car to the repair shop, which can make the entire job go smoothly. You will be able to note any imperfections on your vehicle to ensure your car is returned to you in the same condition. Also, for internal repairs (mechanical and interior), this gives the mechanic a clean slate. Make it as easy as possible for them to do their job and satisfy you to the best of their ability.

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