How To Fight Back Against a Home Break-In

If you have been away from home for several hours and you finally get back only to find all the lights on and the front door wide open, get back into your car. If you live alone, and if you didn’t invite anyone over for a party, panic may set in. You may want to check on your personal possessions – but don’t. Here are some of the steps protection specialists recommend.

1. Call the Police

Get to a safe place, even if it is in your car, and then call 911. Tell the dispatcher about the broken front door, that you are safe, your location, and request immediate help. If you see anyone inside your home, let the dispatcher know so the police can respond to the situation appropriately. Remember to request a complete walk-through by the police, including closets and attic spaces.

2. Repair the Damage

If the front door was kicked in, call someone to repair the jambs, hinges, and door. The entryway may need to be boarded up until someone can order the correct panels or rails. If the criminals broke in through a window, call someone to board the area up until a window team can install new panes. Making sure no one else can enter your home is a priority.

3. Change the Locks

Even if the entryway door is unbroken, you still need to take steps to protect yourself. Call available locksmith services Orlando to change your locks right away. The team can often change all your entry or exit locks in less than an hour, and knowing you are safe within locked walls is priceless.

If your home was violated in a break-in, fight back by calling the police, having the damage repaired immediately, and changing the locks on all your entry and exit points. Being secure inside your home is both physical and mental, and when you fight back, you are taking control.

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