How to Increase Your Safety After a Break-in at Your Business

Break-ins can be one of the scariest experiences for businesses, the feeling that there was an intruder can be jarring and create an unsafe atmosphere. While break-ins can happen anywhere, there are plenty of steps that you can take to create a more comforting and secure environment moving forward. Here are a few tips to help you feel safe again and improve your sense of security at work.

Address Immediate Concerns

Immediately following a break-in, there are many steps that you need to take, including contacting the police, documenting the incident and contacting your insurance company. While there are those types of immediate issues, you also need to address urgent concerns like lock installation Orlando if your security is compromised.

Increase in Security Measures

If you do not have alarms and security cameras, this may be a great time to install them. Many intruders are deterred by the sounds of alarms and the potential of being caught, so this extra layer can prove useful. You are far less likely to have a repeat break-in if you increase your efforts.

Illuminate Problems

If you look around your workplace and some areas are poorly lit or hidden from plain sight, consider illuminating these areas by installing additional lights. Particularly motion sensor activated lights that can illuminate when triggered by movement can prove useful both in the exterior and interior of the building.

Security Precautions for Staff

If you have other employees within your business, they are likely also feeling a little shaken or insecure following the break-in. You can increase their protection by changing the locks, but adding swipe in stations that are activated by their employee badges, identification cards or keyless entry can also help alleviate some of these fears.

Add a Security Presence

If you are worried to the extent where these measures would not mitigate your worries following an incident with an intruder, hiring onsite security can also be a useful measure. By adding another person to the building to guard it, whether this is during the evening hours or all of the time, you can provide an extra layer of protection by hiring staff to patrol.

Having someone break into your place of work can be a terrifying experience that leaves you with a sense of lingering worry and anxiety. While these are completely natural and typical feelings, you don’t need to suffer through them and instead, take this as an opportunity to increase your security protocols to create a safer environment for all.






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