Instagram accounts to follow if you’re a car lover!

Social media platform like Instagram, which has around

400 million users have a wide variety of car community. There are lots of pages

or accounts on Instagram that will give you the best pictures and videos of

super, luxury and vintage car.

Speed Hunters

“Speed hunters” is the very famous page on

Instagram was having more than 1.9 million follower and 10.3k posts. It is one of

the most accepted automobile accounts. They uncover the world’s most thrilling

car and car story.

Alex Jeffs

Where everyone is busy in showing the luxury car, there

are an underdog and very creative person name @alex_jeffs who is not only

showing you the supercar Blondie but also show you the mid-range cars the best

thing is that he tested the car. After testing, he gives you an honest opinion

about cars. Check out his Instagram account and see his collection of the wide

variety of luxury cars including Lexus, Jaguar and McLaren etc.

Exotic Performance

“exotic_performance” or the home of mad whips

is one of the best pages for car enthusiast having around 2.2 million followers

and 18.5k post. They had a massive collection of luxury and rare cars like

500hp Shelby Cobra, Mercedes-Benz SLR, Ferrari and Mustang GT500.

Jay Leno

He is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer and

most famous car collector on earth. He is known for his car collection is worth

over $52 million. He has approximately 286 vehicles in which 169 are cars, and

117 are motorbikes. His Instagram page name is “jaylenosgarage” and

has more than 1million follower which contains photos and videos of his car.


He is one of the world’s best automotive graphic designer

or vehicle artist. His Instagram page name is “the_kyza” and has 751k

follower and around 3,157 posts. He is a 27-year mature model illustrator from

Manchester, UK. He worked on a diversity of projects and client base. He has a

work experience of 9 years, including freelance he mainly focuses on creating

car design and body kits.

Car Throttle

If you are a fan of a meme than this page @carthrottle is

for you. Adnan Ebrahim, the founder of car throttle, gives you the best car

meme that you won’t regret following his account. His account has 1.6 million

followers and around 9,112 posts, including funny videos, short stories and

humorous memes. Car Throttle is the largest video publisher in the automotive


Top Gear

It is one of the best Instagram pages to follow if you

are a car lover. This page has around 4.1 million followers and approximately

1,221 posts. They have a commercial channel from BBC Studio. They will provide

you with the videos of crazy stunts, exclusive footage of the latest cars, reviews

of all car on sale in the UK. They are the world’s most excellent car website.

Everyone has a desire for riding or buying a luxury car,

but not everyone fulfils his dream. But by following these exciting accounts,

you can at least experience your dream car.






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