Tips for money-saving car leasing

Leasing a car is different from owning and it is a potentially more affordable option than buying a new car. But it is also important to get the most bang of your buck that is why you need to follow simple tips to keep the car lease cost as low as possible.

  • Before leasing a car always negotiate the purchase price of the car.
  • Look for cars that depreciate slower than average to keep your monthly payment low.
  • Always discuss lease money factor, down payment, mileage limit, and purchase-option price with the dealer.
  • Be aware of the policies and double-check for clear and fair fees and extra/hidden charges.
  • Never go with the lease that extends beyond the factory warranty of the car.
  • Buy Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) to protect you in case of some unexpected situation.
  • Maybe you consider buying a vehicle at the end of the lease. So, it’s better to make sure the car is worth at least the purchase price.

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