5 Car Interior Styling Must-Haves

Don’t just settle for the standard and plain interior that comes with the vehicle! Get inspired by the following must-have car interior styling trends for 2021. With our tips and features, you can make your car’s interior stand out with show-stopping quality.

Leather Upholstery Upgrades

Car upholstery specifically refers to the seats in a vehicle. The interiors in most vehicles are often black and grey, with occasional navy blue and maybe a cord finish. Either way, the basic car interiors are very bland and uninspiring.

Why put up with a dull interior? You’ll be staring at it for the majority of your time driving, so let it match your personality. While original interiors are intended to cater to a wide range of motorists and withstand 20 years of use, there is a lot that can be done to improve the aesthetic and longevity of your vehicle’s interior.

Although it is possible to reupholster your seats yourself, most people choose to hire a professional car upholstery repairs because the end result is much superior, and the work takes just a few hours rather than a week or two.

When selecting the material for your new car upholstery, make sure you choose a fabric that will last for a long time. Leather upgrades are the preferred material since it resists most liquid stains, is effortless to clean and can be stretched to fit, resulting in a good finish.

Roof Lining Repairs and Upgrades

A car roof lining upgrade is the process of covering the inner roof of a car with fabric. When a vehicle is manufactured initially, the roof lining is already mounted, but a roof lining repair specialist can upgrade the material to make the car interior styling much more luxurious and look more expensive.

Whether the material is broken or requires renovation, it may be replaced or rebuilt to be as good as new or better than new. A professional will take care of the upgrade from start to finish, leaving you with a stunning roof that you’ll enjoy if it’s done correctly.

Sunroof Installation Repairs and Upgrades

Sunroof installations make any car look impressive, designed to let in fresh air and sunlight through the vehicle, and is typically a much more affordable automotive upgrade than people commonly believe. But this installation requires a professional aftermarket automotive specialist to install, and these professionals will also be able to recommend the best type of sunroof for your vehicle.

The most popular sunroofs includes, inbuilt sunroof which is perfect for most sedans and integrates into the vehicle’s roof liner. Sports sunroofs have a sliding glass panel and are ideal for those who have a sports sedan or two-door utility. Manual pop-up sunroofs are ideal for those who have older cars.

Car Seat Massager

Many standard car models come with low-quality seats; people who spend a lot of time in the car would benefit not only from the comfortability of seat upgrades but also increase the vehicle’s resale value and add luxurious style to their car’s interior.

Car Seat Massag Systems are custom-designed and fitted specifically to a wide range of car makes and models. But also, a professional car massager seat installer can tailor the car seat massager to suit your ideal driving position, with a 4-mode control switch at an arm’s length.

You will feel like you are driving the most luxurious car in the world, and you won’t want your journey to end. A professionally installed Car Seat Back Massager is the perfect way to soothe that aching back pain in traffic, allowing you to enjoy the drive ahead.

Apple Car Play & Android Auto

To minimise distractions when driving, use voice commands via Siri with Apple Car Play or Google with Android Auto. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enable us to use our mobile devices comfortably and legally when driving whilst allowing us to keep in touch with friends and family safely.

You can use your smartphone to monitor everything from making calls to sending and receiving texts, listening to music, and getting directions – all without ever touching your screen. Enjoy an enhanced driving experience with your entire family by installing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Give Your Tired Car a Luxury Makeover with an Automotive Aftermarket Distributor

When it comes to car interior styling and any other car repairs or upgrades, it is a common misconception that the original integrity and aesthetic of the manufacturer’s car is ruined. In reality, an experienced automotive aftermarket distributor provides expert installation of automotive parts to ensure the upgrades look seamless with the original style of the vehicle.

An automotive aftermarket distributor is the secondary supplier of automotive parts, chemicals, equipment and accessories after the sale of the vehicle from the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made for individuals wanting to increase the comfort, convenience, performance, safety or customisation of their vehicle after the initial sale.

You no longer have to put up with the manufacturer’s uncomfortable materials and cheap-looking surfaces. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can create something completely unique and beautiful, as well as a car interior that fits your preferences and is true to the car’s original manufacturing style.

Keeping to just two styling colours that match both the interior and exterior themes of the car is a great way to ensure your car makeover is seamless. Don’t forget professional automotive aftermarket distributors can upgrade any part of your vehicle to make sure they blend in with the rest of your chosen look. With so many aftermarket trim parts available on today’s market – from stick-on trim surrounds in wood, leather, carbon fibre to a wide variety of custom colours and finishes – there is something for everyone.






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