How to Place Warning Triangles on the Road Correctly?

In the event of a breakdown, an accident or any emergency situation on the road, it is imperative to know how to act. Signaling the location with the emergency triangle is not just an obligation, but it can also avoid other situations of danger. But do you know how to correctly place a triangle on the road?

Taking a triangle homologated in the car is mandatory and know how to place it too, but often this is not the situation that happens when we pass a car stopped on the road. If you need to order them, then Warning triangles can be found on

Before placing the triangle, what you should do

At the moment, you have to leave the vehicle – either by accident or breakdown – it is important to remember that, whenever possible, you must immobilize it in an area with visibility. This means stopping the car to the right of the road, if possible on the curb. It will not hurt to turn on the four turn signals as a secondary way of signaling the vehicle.

Do not forget the vest. Before leaving to put on the triangle, you should already bring the dressing retro-reflective vest and make sure that you can open the door without danger. Be aware of the type of road you are in and, if necessary, mount the triangle inside the car, so you will not be exposed to other vehicles while doing this operation.

How to put the warning triangle correctly?

The triangle should be placed perpendicular to the floor. It seems obvious, but in fact, just be a little inclined so that the triangle is not visible to other cars, especially at night, because it will not reflect the lights of them. In this case, you should also use a flashlight.

The most important factor is the distance. This is where most conductors fail because they do not take into account the correct distance to the triangle. We must take into account that the purpose of an emergency triangle is to warn the other drivers in time that there is a vehicle standing on the track or on the shoulder for some reason.

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