Important Steps of Hail Repair For Dents Using Paintless Dent Repair Technique

You may not stop the tear and wear on your vehicle brought about by nature, especially when it comes from hailstorms. Hailstorms will cause dents, cracks on glass, dings, or even shattering the vehicle’s glass. However, you can use car hail repair professionals to erase all the hailstorm damage. If your car is still repairable after the hailstorm, you must consider repairing even the minor dents.

Hail Damage

Hail damage usually occurs during severe storms. Pieces of ice ranging from peas-size particles or even smaller to relatively bigger golf-ball sizes may fall off the sky and hit hard on surfaces. The effects of ice and other objects may cause damage to your rooftop, hood, trunk, and other trim parts.

Identifying Hail Damage On Your Car

If you leave your car outside and exposed during hailstorms, your vehicle may suffer hail damage. After the weather improves, take your time to inspect your vehicle. However, it may not be obvious to locate the dents, cracks, or breakages. It’s therefore essential to look for common signs to help you find the hail damages.

  • Side mirrors- are loose or missing
  • Doors are stuck
  • Windshields, windows, and mirrors have cracks
  • Interior water damage due to broken glass
  • Dents in the hood, trunk, doors, and side panels- damages could be small or large and may not necessarily cover the whole body of the vehicle.

Repairing Hail Damage on Your Vehicle

Repairing hail damage requires technician experts to erase dents, dings, and other evidence of hail damage on your car. It involves cosmetic repairs and the replacement of some trim parts due to water damage.

To restore the condition of your car after hailstorm damage, you need professional care technicians who understand quality controls when repairing and can carry out repairs with high precision. To improve surface dents, technicians use standard techniques known as paintless dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair Process

Paintless dent repair(PDR) is a standard process that car technicians use to remove dents, panel creases, and dings on the surface of car panels. Paintless dent repair reverses dents on the surface of vehicles when the paint surface is intact without causing any damage to the paint. PDR is a fast technique that restores cars’ body panels after hail damage.

Stages of Repair Process

Repairing your car’s dents requires a systematic approach t be able to produce good results.

1.     Assess the damage

After the hail damage, you must assess the damage. When determining the damage, take note of the location of the dents. Consider taking note of the sizes and nature of the hail dents and figure out if PDR can successfully repair the dent. Then prepare the area with the damage for the repair, which may include cleaning the area to remove dirt. The paintless dent repair technique is suitable if the paint is intact.

2.     Access Back Side of the Dent

It’s crucial to figure out a way of gaining entry to the dent since PDR requires you to work the dint from the backside of the depression mark. Accessing the backside of dents may involve removing body panels, interior panels, or tail lights.

3.     Closely Assess the Dent

It’s essential to carefully look at the dent before starting working on the depression caused by the hail. Paintless dent repair technicians may use a special board to have a better insight into the dent mark. The board displays a shadow that helps the technician place their tools precisely at the mark’s back. Technicians use the tools to massage the panels to their original condition.

4.     Apply PDR Technique at Low Pressure to remove the dent

PDR repair can be a single-day service or may take several days, depending on the severity of the hail damage. Technicians use PDR tools by applying low pressure on the dents of the car panels to erase dent marks, whether small or large.


You may not fully protect your car from hail damage, but you can efficiently erase the memories of the hail damage. Professional dent technicians will repair your vehicle with precision restoring it to its original glory. Don’t drive or mourn your hail battered vehicle; lets the dent repair experts transform your car through an effective and affordable PDR technique.

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