Powder coating – What is it?

Powder coating is a process that gives a protective surface to steel or aluminum surfaces. In addition, a powder coating in a variety of colors is possible. Whether matt or glossy, green, red, white or black – this special form of coating gives your car or motorcycle color accents and also ensures impact and scratch-resistant protection. You can find Powder Coating Blog online to achieve these services.

Powder coating is a special way of painting, which protects the object optimally against external influences. In contrast to conventional paints, the powder coating used contains no solvents and adheres much better and more durable to the object. The powder-coated material will be weatherproof and more resistant. A powder coating also does not peel off easily, like a conventional wet paint. However, you cannot even powder-coat quickly in your own backyard. But there are workshops that specialize in it. There you can subsequently have auto or motorbike spare parts – such as rims or the exhaust which are powder-coated or have repaired an existing powder coating.

Powder coating – how it’s done

Powder coating uses a sandblaster, a special spray gun and an industrial furnace. In contrast to conventional wet painting, self-powder coating of rims or other car parts is hardly possible. Unless you have the required special equipment.

This is how the powder coating of rims works: The wheels are disassembled and separated from the tire. Before powder coating the old paint on the rims is removed thoroughly. For this purpose, the same are placed in a chemical immersion bath – the high temperatures, the binder is destroyed in the paint and all paint residues can be easily solved. As soon as this is done, take the sandblaster and roughen the rim surface. So the powder coating can adhere better. The powder coating takes place in three steps: First, a primer is sprayed on, then a color coat and at the end followed by a clear coat. After each spraying process the powder coating must be in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. The heat strengthens the polyester resin particles in the powder coating mixture.

What is powder coating for rims used for?

Powder coated rims not only look better, they also have very practical benefits. In particular, its dirt-repellent effect makes it extremely popular with all car and motorcycle riders. Powder-coated rims or other car parts can also be cleaned quickly and easily. A rag and a little bit of water are enough. Even brake dust, which often burns in uncoated rims and is difficult to remove, is simply wiped away with water. In addition, powder coating protects the corresponding parts against curb damage or weathering. This makes them more durable and makes them look much longer like new. New rims are now often delivered ex works with powder coating, as the process has been proven over many years.

What else can you powder-coat?

In addition to the body and rims, a number of small parts can be powder-coated on cars and motorcycles. So you can powder coat the exhaust, the brake levers and the clamps or the turn signal housing on the motorcycle. Some even powder-coat the windscreen wipers of their car. And if you want to give your old bike a new coat of paint: even bike frames can easily be upgraded with a powder coating.

Repairing the powder coating on bicycles

Bicycles are often outside, their frame begins to rust and the paint peels off with time. With good bicycles, a rusty frame is often a purely visual deficiency, because a high quality gear shift and decent tires are much more important, but of course, the own bike should look good. And with a powder coating it can be repaired. The frame is first cleaned, then roughened and finally powder-coated. The bike looks like a new one afterwards. This trick can be particularly rewarding if you want to resell a high quality bike. Or you can give your bike a completely new look with a powder coating.






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