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With our years of experience in the assembly, modification and repair of trailers, we are always ready to listen to you, advise you and serve you in your projects of modification, repair and maintenance of your trailers. This is why at Hoffmeier offers you a trailer modification and repair service to meet your needs.

We also install fifth wheel rails, trailer hitches, electrical plugs and electric brake controllers, in addition to repairing, modifying and maintaining your trailers. In addition, we rely on unparalleled, courteous and professional after-sales service. We offer you a full range of services in the workshops at the heart of our facilities.

How are the prices for workshop-repair services calculated?

The cost of workshop labor is fixed and identical for all types of services offered.

The price of supplies varies depending on the type, state, country of origin and the availability of parts to order for your trailer. An estimate will be proposed to you beforehand before confirming the deposit of your trailer for an overhaul or repair.

It is also necessary to take into account the warranty of the trailer, the price of overhaul or repair on a trailer under warranty will not be the same as for a trailer over 10 years old.

What are the repair times for your trailer?

In 90% of cases, the overhaul or repair of your trailer can be carried out within 48/72 hours after the date of deposit at our workshop.

However, in some special cases, we will not necessarily have all the necessary spare parts and we will have to specially order these items. It may take 15/20 days depending on the parts. In most cases we indicate the maximum time limit for the service to our client before the agreement.

Why have my trailer repaired at Roadside Service Center?

  • At Roadside Service Center, we have a wide choice of spare parts available in stock. Repairs are therefore often carried out during the week.
  • In addition, we have been doing this work for 30 years. This experience, combined with our expertise in the field, makes Roadside Service Center a wise choice for any trailer owner.
  • Repair techniques, habits and observations made on trailers are fast, precise and efficient.
  • In 10 minutes we can establish a detailed estimate and clearly explain the various repairs to be planned for your trailer.
  • We provide advice and maintenance techniques at the request of our customers to guarantee them maximum safety and serenity on the road.

In short, At Roadside Service center we guarantee you a fast, efficient, secure service, made by a team of experts in trailers of all types at honest and justified prices.

For exceptional, fast, efficient, accessible and affordable service on all types of installations, come visit our point of sale. The service is available also on the road thanks to our mobile unit.

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