Hyundai Verna Automatic To Be Available In New Variants Soon

Hyundai had launched a new car with names of the Verna in the years 2017 but at the same time, this Hyundai Company announced a new and special edition of the Verna. still, now, the gen Verna was not found in the top specification trims and as per the customer and dealers, it has notable demand with the number of the features with the special and different variant. This top company well planned to add the SX+ Trim soon for the having the Verna petrol automatic and at the time of the sex diesel automatic will have wireless charging. When, it comes to the features of Hyundai Verna which has smart and effective key push button start and has built with the new technologies of the wireless charging over the petrol automatically.

 if you view from the part of a side which delivers the striking crease running below the windows line. It has 2.0 fluidic sculpture that brings the dramatic design and it is boosted with the 195/55 R 16s that has the same size as the outgoing car in the market.

when you come to the tires that are well wrapped with the diamond cut alloys and also have lower spec variants to take up to 185/65R15rubber. This car is the third generation and also reached larger in the current people in the market. it builds with the new K2 platform that has rigid as fifty percent and also high strength steel. hope the steel the car design makes reportedly to develop the crash protection.


 In the new and fresh part, the stretches the footprint as well as the expectation of the class deliver the special ideas and also boosted with specification. From the part of the rear which get raked rood flow with the real comfort into the high set and also boots hence it rearward delivers special look compromised by the design. hope the Verna become distinctive with the presence of the lamp clusters set among them. here the bulky bumper is made to deliver the sleeker look by the deliver it more catchy design at the bottom. This car is applicable to travel 17.0 km and it is boosted with fuel type engine


 This engine build with the new technology which can be boosted with the max power of the 121.3bhp @6400rpm and deliver the maximum torque up to 151 nm @ 4850rpm it has a seating capacity of the five that is suitable for the normal family with no trouble of it. This car has manual transmission type and produces the 480-liter cargo volume support so it will be more comfortable to go for long travel with no risk of it.


 It has multi-function steering wheel support and also power adjustable exterior rear views mirror. Then you can find out touch screen anti-lock braking systems so it will be more comfortable handle the car in a fine manner. The driver has airbags for security purpose and also airbag for the passenger which provide additional comfort.






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