Tips to import cars to the USA

Do you know that importing cars to USA borders needs emission testing, manufacturer requirements, and importing regulations requirements? Getting the key to that car and drive it is even a more difficult task to perform.

American consumers have so much craved for cars and they urge brands all over the world. This is the reason that cars are the single highly popular purchase there. Importing cars to the USA from Japan, Germany, Europe, and more needs following tips to know:

  • Owner’s responsibility:

The owner makes prior arrangements to ship the vehicle to the USA. To get the vehicle cleared through customs easily, notify the importer to get the shipper. It is also the responsibility of the owner to inform about the date of arrival of the vehicle.

  • Documentation is a must:

To get the vehicle cleared through customs, the importer needs to provide the following documents:

  • Original bill of sale and lading
  • Foreign registration
  • DOT form HS-7
  • EPA form 3520
  • Things to remember before shipping:

Your car is not a container to ship various items so avoid using it for transporting personal belongings. Most shippers do not accept it, there is a high risk of items being stolen and in case of being failed to declare these belongings to customs, and it can lead to fine or seizure. According to the US Department of Agriculture, it is essential to clean the vehicle’s undercarriage thoroughly, through steam spray or any other appropriate method.

  • Pay duty:

Whether you are importing a brand new or used car that is abroad made, you have to pay duty irrespective of importing for personal use or sale. The rates vary for the type of vehicle:

  • For autos, it is 2.5%
  • For trucks, it is 25%
  • For motorbikes, it is 2.4% or free
  • Looking for a duty-free import?

Only non-resident Americans are allowed to import duty-free vehicles into the USA. A military officer or a civilian employee of an overseas government office is allowed to import foreign vehicles without any duty.

  • Don’t forget about Gas-Guzzler tax:

Imported vehicles can also be charged for urban and highway fuel economy ratings for the vehicle.

  • Get the possession of your imported car:

Your chosen ICI will deliver the EPA and DOT approved car to the border with submitted complete documents to the CBP. After completing duty payments you get approval from CBP, and finally, now you can take your new road crush to the home.

Importing cars to the USA can be exciting and worrying also because of so many necessary requirements to fulfill. is a team of professionals who are specialists in importing cars to the USA and also know the ways to handle a variety of imports. The experienced logistics team of knows how to make the difference because we understand your needs, and strive to exceed your expectations. We provide door to door service anywhere in the USA. We are petrolheads work around the clock to deliver your car when you actually need it.

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