One of the greatest gifts that we own, which is given as Americans, is our freedom to pursue happiness. Inner happiness comes in many forms. One of the newest forms is finding happiness and enjoying ourselves by using a trampoline at a commercial facility – the Trampoline Court or Park.

The Trampoline Park is both an indoor and outdoor recreational facility that allows adults and children to participate in many activities such as wall-to-wall trampolines, dodge ball, foam pits, fitness events, camps, and gymnastics.

Guide to buy trampoline park equipment

There are specific guidelines to buy trampoline park equipment. One who is thinking of starting over a new trampoline park or who already owns wants to renovate needs to look into this content below, which can help you with some latest guidelines.

  1. decide the flooring pattern- which can be per square foot or by inches
  2. select either to go for indoor or outdoor trampoline park
  3. decide to buy some franchise or to start with your own
  4. go for a lesser risk as a start-up
  5. select appropriate trampoline park equipment as per the indoor or outdoor preference.
  6. choose the best safety guide
  7. determine to run the business with a cost-effective strategy

Trampoline Park equipment safety guide

The trampoline park is made of many elements. An essential safety feature is that engineers designed and built the details to be used in a commercial setting. The parts of a trampoline court often include frame structures, springs, beds and mats, and safety netting.

Another main safety element is that staff at these facilities have acquired safety and crisis training and can respond to any emergency quickly. The trampoline facility should always be able to supply all participants with examples of that training.

Additionally, some facilities sell, rent, or offer free-form helmets, ankle braces, and socks with grips to reduce head collisions, cuts, and bruises. Weight limits and rules should be posted and enforced.

As with any high-risk recreational activities (for example, rope courses, zips lines, surf pools, and rock climbing), physical demands may be tremendous, and an in-depth understanding of the activity (what are correct actions and what could go wrong) should occur.

Trampoline parks have opened in almost every state, and examples of injuries and lawsuits are starting to surface.


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