Importance of using GPS in Mountain motorcycling

When we go out with the mountain motorcycling we usually follow traced routes or go into unknown places in the forest or countryside and explore new paths.

By doing this, there is a possibility that we will get lost!

To avoid this there is a great tool that allows us to live that feeling of freedom which is cheap motorcycling GPS such as a sports watch or a portable device.

The portable GPS is a satellite tracking device that allows us to locate where we are and what path to follow to reach on destination, or return to the starting point.

If you want to start mountain motorcycling, you should consider equipping with a portable GPS and this is part of the essential accessories of your outings.

We give you some recommendations on the functionality that your GPS must have for mountain motorcycling:

It is portable: Its interface is easy to use and has an ergonomic design that you can carry comfortably in your hand or placed in a base on the handlebar of your motorcycling.

Its transmission capacity allows locating your position quickly and accurately, even in thick forests and deep ravines.

Its screen can be seen clearly in the sunlight and in the dark.

It is resistant to water and bad weather conditions such as rain, dust, mud, etc

– It has the capacity to download and store maps of different routes and routes

– Some GPS devices have an electronic compass, barometric altimeter that allows you to measure the altitude of the terrain where you are, the elevation of the road and the ascent you have achieved in your journey

These are just some tips that will guide you to remember to use the GPS for your outdoor adventures.

TomTom Adventurer

The Adventurer, TomTom’s new GPS Outdoor watch designed for outdoor activities such as mountain motorcycling, hiking, trail running, even skiing and snowboarding. TomTom Adventurer is the new sports watch that is equipped with an integrated heart rate monitor, barometer, compass and sports modes,  including automatic descent detection for snow sports.

It works with GPS tracking and route exploration, measures altitude, ascent, ascent difference, slope and compass system that allows you to return to the starting point without getting lost, record the route to return or download routes.

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