Is there any need for a helmet for an E-scooter

The most important thing to remember while riding with two wheels is keeping your head safe. Whatever mode of transportation you like, bicycle, motorbike, or electric scooter.

These days, one of the most common modes of transportation for scooter enthusiasts is the electric scooter. As a rule, those who ride an e-Scooter for adult do so at a very rapid clip. Bikers are often greeted with a wide variety of challenges on the trail. For this reason, most countries have their own set of restrictions for operating two-wheeled vehicles. For riders under 18, helmet use is mandated by law in that region. Yet some mature individuals have no intention of complying with the law.

Why do you need a helmet for e-scooters?

Since users of electric scooters may not always be thinking about safety, helmet usage should be mandated. Careless riders increase the likelihood of accidents and the severity of injuries.

At speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, an electric scooter user is at high risk of serious harm in the event of a fall or collision with another vehicle or pedestrian. So, although they may not be the height of style, helmets are necessary for protecting your head. Many riders are aware of this, but as is common with cutting-edge technology, electric scooter riders often debate whether or not to wear protective headgear.

What kind of scooter helmet should you use?

No helmets are approved or categorized as e-scooter helmets. We must depend on common sense since there is no helmet legislation or certified e-scooter helmet. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) doesn’t have a blanket guideline for all e-scooters since they’re different. CPSC guidelines also vary by e-scooter speed. According to CPSC:

  • For e-scooters under 20 mph, a cycling helmet may be sufficient.
  • E-scooters traveling above 20 mph and likely colliding with cars should wear helmets.

Since there are no electric scooter helmets, you must use a bike or motorcycle helmet.

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