5 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car

With all the driving you complete each day, the chances of a roadside problem or emergency arising is pretty high. Being prepared for these situations before they happen can make life considerably easier, but what should you keep in your car at all times? Here’s a list of items to stock up on so that you’re never caught off guard. If you don’t have some already, just look up an auto parts shop near you (e.g., auto parts Apopka).

1.     Jumper Cables

If your car doesn’t start, always try a jump first. Half the time, the battery is the problem. Not everyone on the road has jumper cables, so be prepared with your own. That way if someone stops to help, you can supply the cables and get going sooner.

2.     Important Documents

If you get pulled over, an officer will want to see several important documents that you should always keep in your car or on your person. These include license, registration and proof of insurance. Also keep the owner’s manual and repair information handy in case an unknown issue comes up.

3.     Spare Parts

A spare tire is so essential, it usually comes with the car. Check the compartment that holds the spare to make sure there is a jack and a lug wrench to assist with changing a tire. The spare alone won’t do you any good if you can’t actually change it out.

4.     Pressure Gauge

When doing regular maintenance or cleaning on your vehicle, check the tire pressure to make sure none of the tires have a leak. Gauges are small enough to keep in the glove compartment for easy access.

5.     Emergency Tools

A first aid kit, a flashlight and roadside reflective gear/triangles should be somewhere in the car at all times in case of an emergency. These can be used to treat injuries while waiting for help or keeping you safe beside the road in the dark.

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