6 Proven Ways to Secure Your Car

The car is one of the most important possessions one can have. You use it to travel to and from your workplace, take your children to school, go on road trips, and so on. We depend on our vehicles to perform numerous tasks, so car security should be a priority.

According to Statista, there were around 231.62 car thefts per 100, 000 residents in Canada in 2019. Losing your vehicle is frustrating as you will be unable to move around easily. In addition, replacing a vehicle may take months or even years.

The only way to prevent car thefts is to secure your vehicle. Use the following tips to keep your car safe from thieves.

1.      Keep the doors locked

After parking, make sure you lock the car doors. Most people make this mistake and are dismayed when they come back to find their valuables or car missing. Even if you are going to a store for a couple of minutes, lock the car doors. And even if the area seems crime-free, never leave your doors unlocked as thieves may be lurking around.

2.      Secure car keys

This precaution seems obvious, but many car owners ignore it sometimes. For instance, when stopping at a grocery store, some people leave their car keys on the dashboard or driver’s seat. Leaving keys in such visible places is like inviting thieves to come for your vehicle. And it will only take seconds for them to dive off with your car.

Therefore, always have your car keys with you. Aside from that, never leave your spare keys in your cars especially if you like placing them in easily accessible areas. When thieves get into a car, they first look for spare keys.

3.      Secure windows and doors

Car thieves will typically access your vehicle through the doors and windows. So, check to see that they are in perfect condition. If they are faulty, it means experienced thieves will easily get into your car. In addition, ensure your car windows are fully closed before leaving your car.

4.      Park in secure areas

Many cars get stolen because they are parked in insecure areas, especially at night when it is poorly lit and there’s little pedestrian traffic. In such a place, thieves will take their time trying to break into your car and when they succeed, they will drive away confidently. Garages and indoor parking will keep your vehicle safe.

If you can’t find a garage or an indoor parking area at night, park in a high-traffic place that’s also well-lit. When someone tries to steal your vehicle in this area, a concerned bystander will probably notice and call the authorities.

5.      Install security features

Security features boost your car’s security system. Begin by installing an immobilizer system if your vehicle does not have it. With an immobilizer, your car will only start if the right key fob is used (the immobilizer disables the ignition and fuel system). This prevents thieves from driving away with your car even if they manage to get in.

Your car also needs a good alarm system. Most cars come with inbuilt alarm systems. The problem is that things like passing trucks and strong winds usually set off these alarms. Therefore, install a top-quality alarm that’s audible as well.

6.      Install GPS tracking system

Perhaps the best security feature for your vehicle is a GPS tracking system. When someone steals your car, the technology allows real-time tracking, increasing the chances of recovery. What’s more, it provides other awesome features such as the ability to remotely disable the engine. Check out Cellutrak car tracking solutions if you need a GPS tracking system for your car.

Today, there are more car security solutions and car theft cases have decreased. However, you should take all the necessary precautions to keep your car safe.

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