Best oldtimer cars-a must to drive

Do you know what the best definition of a classic oldtimer car is?

“A classic vehicle is not just four wheels with an engine, she is a complete home.’’

Almost every one of us has a fantasy that is incomplete without a super cool car. These oldtimes cars are one of the most fun and not too shabby as a financial decision too. For every classic car enthusiast, there is a different mental list of the top 5 classic cars of all times.


It is popularly known as people’s car and is one of the most selling vehicles of all times. VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE started with a very humble beginning that was an economical four-seater in range of everyone in Germany. Still after almost eight decades it enjoys a significant cult following. Its simplicity is the main reason of its longevity. Only with about 200 moving parts and air-cooled engine it is easy to repair.


It was the world’s first supercar that was launched in New York in 1954. It was massively admired by the crowd because of its innovative and highly stylish looks. It was basically designed with the heritage of racing with a fat graceful body with impressive aerodynamics, space frame chassis, and a powerful straight six developing 215bph. It was the first MERCEDES with fuel-injected engine that was the most unique feature of those times.

2.    FERRARI 250 GTO:

FERRARI is the name of quality and trust, and this 250 GTO was the ultimate Prancing Horse that was the most expensive car ever sold at auction. Its iconic beauty was so mesmerizing that inspired all of the competitions in the past. It was designed to keep low to the ground to improve its aerodynamic efficiency.

3.    PORSCHE 911”

This all-time classic car is Ferdinand’s Icon and was the successor to the famous 356 back in 1963. The earliest PORCHE started with a 2.0 engine. It was air-cooled, with 130bhp, and rear-mounted.


According to Enzo Ferrari, ‘’it is the most beautiful and stylish car ever made’’. This sixties chick is quicker than Ferrari at only a third of the price. This E-type JAGUAR was the ultimate sports car of old times.

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