The UK’s Best Used Mobility Cars: Should you buy one with Motability?

People may have heard the word “Motability.” It is a charity that leases new vehicles to disabled individuals as part of its Motability funds. But should people purchase this type of vehicle? Read this to find out. Purchasing this kind of car can be an excellent way to get a nearly new vehicle for a lower price.

Most lease end after three or five years, so the vehicle will not be much older, and there can be some excellent discounts to be had. This article will walk people through all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an ex-Motability vehicle and help them decide whether it is the right option.

These schemes are charity setups to lease new vehicles to differently-abled individuals at a discounted rate using their disability funds. If the model they want is more expensive, they can also supplement the payment using money from their personal savings. Companies selling these cars usually have fleets of vehicles sold going to charities. It means they are usually plenty of mobility vehicles readily available on the second-hand market.

These leases tend to last three to five years, after which the automobile is returned and traditionally sold to dealers. Any salesperson should tell individuals if the automobile they are looking at is under the lease plan. Most individuals don’t ask the sellers, so people need to make sure they do.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this kind of automobile?

People need to consider a couple of things before purchasing this type of ca. Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages.


Leases for this kind of vehicle can go for at least three years. The cost of the lease will include repair and servicing costs. It means that the automobile should have been well-maintained even when sold second-hand.

Always keep in mind that the lease will only pay for two services, so individuals need to make sure they check that the third servicing has been done by the dealership where the car was bought. Most of these vehicles have low mileage. The leasing firm can allow customers twenty thousand miles per year, but not many auto users get anywhere near this number.

Vehicles from this type of lease tend to be much cheaper than other mobility cars readily available on the market, despite having low mileage and being well-maintained. It means that buyers can get a discount or bargain if they look carefully.


While most vehicles in this type of lease will have low mileage, a lot of them have only been used by first owners for short trips. Regularly making these short journeys that do not allow the auto to warm up adequately can cause premature wear and tear of some parts, so buyers need to make sure that they check the unit thoroughly.

The value of these vehicles tends to depreciate a lot faster compared to the usually used cars. It means that while people may have picked it up cheaper, there is a good chance that it may be worth less compared to non-Motability automobiles when people sell it.

As with any ex-leased and used mobility car, there is a good chance that previous owners have not treated it well if they were planning to replace it a couple of years down the road. Buyers need to look for any signs of damage to the interior and bodywork.

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Should people use these types of automobiles?

People looking for used mobility cars should not be put off purchasing second-hand vehicles if it is under a leasing plan. They can be just as good quality as any other second-hand mobility auto readily available in the market, and they are usually cheaper compared to other second-hand cars. Like most used mobility cars, individuals just need to look out for any malfunctions and damages.

They need to check the service history and ensure that the third service has been carried out by the dealership. Buyers need to make sure that they test drive the unit and ensure it is mechanically sound. If they are not sure they have the right knowledge to assess the auto properly, they need to take a technician with them who knows how to look at the mechanical aspect of a vehicle.

Where to purchase second-hand mobility cars?

When the lease ends, people will return the vehicle to the dealership where they purchased it, which will then purchase it and sell it again on their second-hand forecourt. These automobiles are usually well-maintained and with low mileage, exactly what most dealers want in their units.

It means people will find this type of auto amongst the second-hand units for sale at main dealerships. Most of them may be sold through use schemes or plans approved by the manufacturer. It means that they also get a warranty, like most second-hand or brand-new units.

If the dealership does not want the unit, then the lending firm will collect it and carry out refurbishment jobs before listing them for sale by dealerships all over the country. Most used mobility cars with plans can end up in established auto supermarkets or smaller local dealerships. If dealers want the unit (maybe it has high mileage or undesirable specifications), then the lending firm will put it into an auction to the public.

Frequently asked questions

Are these units good value?

These cars are usually a lot cheaper compared to their used auto counterparts that were not sold through this scheme, despite the fact that they have low mileage and are well-maintained. As long as people do their due diligence when checking the unit over, they may be able to get a discount with used mobility vehicles in this plan.

Do these units still have warranty covers?

It depends on a couple of things. Most of these units will be at least three to five years old, which is the length of most warranties from manufacturers. If these warranties are no longer than what most manufacturers are offering – KIA is known to offer a seven-year warranties, for reference – then there is no reason that it would not be carried over. If the auto is being sold using an approved used plan, usually, it will also include a one-year warranty.

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