If you are organizing an event that requires a means of transport of a certain type and not the usual utilitarian, one option is to opt for limousine hire. Depending on the occasion you can choose a different one: the car for a wedding does not require a large number of seats. While for birthday or a special evening, they needs long vehicles with many seats available for all guests and friends. One thing is certain: when you arrive in a limousine, you will leave your guests breathless. will provide you useful information to hire a limo from a company.

The hummer limousine for rustic events

You have organized a rustic event, you want to do things big, but do you fear that choosing the classic limousine could punch you with the style chosen for your reception? Well, the hummer limousine may be the perfect choice for you. This six-wheeled car has features that are certainly more angular than its more elegant version. With its twelve meters in length and sixteen places is the larger. For this reason comfort is assured. You can choose between black and white colors according to your tastes.

Limousine: what is the rental price?

Limousines have a higher rental price than other vehicles, but by carefully managing your budget and with the help of your wedding planning, you will be able to get back into the costs without having to give up any of your small desires. The costs vary depending on the type you wish to rent for the wedding: approximately, we start from € 150 for the first hour (the following generally provide a lower rate), until you get higher prices for the more valuable.

The service offered with the limousine

Usually the limousine service is in great demand for various types of events such as evenings, parties or weddings. Depending on the type of event for which you will request this vehicle, you will be offered different proposals, aimed at fully satisfying your tastes. In the case of a limousine rented for an evening or a birthday for example, most likely you will be offered a suggestive tour of the city before arriving at the venue. For a wedding, the service provides that first the limousine arrives under the bride’s home at the designated time.

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