Traveling Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Road trips can be some of the best vacation time you can get. Memories made with family, friends or a significant others on car trips can be long lasting and meaningful. Whether you go cross country or just visiting a neighboring state, there are a few things you can keep your eye on that can help things run more smoothly.

Locking Keys in the Car

A common problem, especially for those distracted by thoughts of fun, is to lock the keys in the car. There are several ways to get them back, including calling a locksmith, which could be difficult if it happens late at night or on a holiday. An easier solution is to make sure you keep a spare key in a couple of locations, such as the bottom of your purse or tucked into a wallet. You are far less likely to leave a car without those on your person. You could also leave a spare key in one of those magnetic boxes that attaches somewhere under the rim of the car for easy access.

Losing Your Brakes

Traveling up and down hills or around curves can play havoc with your car’s brakes. You can end up with a rock stuck in the pad, or completely worn brakes, which no longer do their job. Taking your car into a car shop can cause the loss of a day, or more if they have a few jobs ahead of you. Why not call the best brake replacement service out there and allow them to come to you with their mobile brake repair services.

Forgetting Your Luggage

In the excitement of moving on to the next place, it can be easy to leave some luggage behind accidentally. You may discover the mistake immediately or it may not be until you arrive at your next point of destination. It is a good idea to keep one bag packed with a change of clothes for each person, a day’s medication and a few toiletries and keep it in the trunk of the car – never to take it into a hotel. That way if you accidentally leave things behind, you can still function while you wait for your things to catch up to you.

Another problem can be overbooking at your chosen lodging. Always book in advance and be sure to call a few hours ahead of your planned arrival to let them know you are coming and expect a room. Don’t leave it to chance, or it may be someone else’s good fortune to get a nice warm room. Try some of these tips on your next trip and you are sure to have a more successful journey.

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