7 recommendations about bus rental

In this context, we offer you a series of tips that you should keep in mind for Minibus rental with driver in Paris for your events or group trips:

  1. Plan the trip or activity

Whether you are getting married or have decided to take a trip with a lot of friends, the first thing is to plan point by point so that nothing fails. Think that improvising with so many people is complicated and that way you will ensure the organization of a fun event that no one will forget.

Making a list of attendees will help you to estimate the number of places, the price and the route, the activities to be carried out, etc.

  1. Compare the fleet

Once you have clear the number of attendees and the route, it is time to assess the types of coach. Normally coach hire varies depending on the type of vehicle you choose: minibus (between 8 and 12 seats), minibus (for 16-22 people), midibus (up to 30 seats), coach (between 35 and 50 seats) or coach special (they reach up to 110 places). Also, try to check if the option chosen has conditioning for reduced mobility if necessary.

  1. Contrast prices

Another option to take into account is to assess the option of renting the coach with or without a driver. Of course, in case of leasing the vehicle without it is essential to have driving licenses and driving in order. In either case investigate the offer and decide for the company that offers you better quality-price, comfort and safety.

  1. Book in advance

Although it is true that it is necessary to know the number of seats before deciding the coach, do not wait at the last minute to make your reservations, especially those related to transportation and accommodation and less in high season!

There are different bus hire search engines that will facilitate the task. You only need a smartphone with an Internet connection.

  1. Determine the time and point of departure

In any group there is someone more early riser and those who are always late. It is clear that agreeing when the group is large is not an easy task, but agreeing on the schedule and meeting points will avoid wasting time.

Also specify the times during the stops so that no one is left on the road!

  1. Put a common “boat”

The ideal is to establish a budget for event in order to distribute the common expenses and not hinder the task of doing the accounts.

  1. Distribute roles and tasks

So that all the attendees can enjoy equally. It is convenient to divide up the responsibilities so that the same person does not always carry all the organizational work.

Talk about the distribution of tasks as soon as you start the trip and ask for volunteers to act as treasurers, tell attendees after each stop, distribute the deposit at the end of the activity, etc.






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