Finding the Right Truck Seats

When looking for different truck seats, there are many brands to consider, including National truck seats, so you want to make sure you pick the right ones.

Why Replace Your Seat?

Truck seats need to be replaced at some point, no matter how well your seat is made. The level of support your seat will give you will diminish when the seat is occupied and the wheels are rolling. Seat backs and seat bottom cushions wear and this can cause joints, tendons, bones, and muscles to then be deprived of the right support. These injuries can seem harmless at first but then can become chronic and be enough to put drivers out of work. You will need to replace a lot of parts in the truck over the miles so also consider replacing your seats.

Factors When Choosing a Truck Seat

One of the first places to begin when searching for National truck seats is picking the best seat height for your cab dimensions and frame. There are usually three categories that include low profile, medium-duty, or standard. Standard truck seats are going to be the most common replacement for regular cab trucks. These have full suspension and are anywhere from 14” to 17” inches without air. Most will conform to a standard bolt pattern. In order to make sure you have the right fit, you want to check your current mounting pattern. You may need to get an adapter plate. For a seat that sits lower, you need to look at low profile truck seats. This can mean different things to a different manufacturer so you want to double-check the specifics. These seats sit at about 12” to 15” without air. These seats may also need an adapter if you are replacing a high profile seat. Medium duty seats can also be offered. Many Class 8 drivers who want to sit ultra-low have been putting these in their rigs.

You may want to consider choosing a firmer foam cushion, especially since you are going to be sitting in the same position for hours. You shouldn’t confuse comfort with softness. While a fluffy seat may seem comfortable at first, it’s the firmer seats that are going to make you more comfortable over long distances.

Different features may be necessary, depending on your own comfort level. For example, a seat with a swivel base can give you the added convenience of simplifying getting in and out of the truck, along with easy access to the rest of the cabin. Seats that have gel memory foam can be more comfortable and may even transfer heat away from the body. Certain seats will allow you to adjust the shock absorber suspension, seat cushion, firmness, height, seatback angle, or the top portion of the seatback separately. An isolator on the seat base will help reduce road shocks and the lever can allow the seat to be locked. You may also find massaging features to help you after hours of sitting when you are sore or stiff and to help prevent injures.

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