There is a myth that says it takes two drivers to cause an accident, but it is not often the case. There are many causes of road accidents, including distracted driving, bad weather, poor road conditions, engine failure, brakes failure, etc. The most important thing for a driver is staying alert and being prepared to respond to any unexpected hazards on the road.

Enrolling in a defensive driving program is one of the effective ways to achieve better driving skills. A defensive driving course trains you the skills and driving techniques to avoid hazards on the road, and it teaches you how to make quick and safe judgments in response to unprecedented hazards.

A defensive driving course includes several instructions in:

  • How to avoid aggressive driving.
  • How to drive in difficult weather conditions like winter, heavy rains, snow, etc.
  • Anticipating and avoiding hazards caused by other drivers.
  • Handling road emergencies.
  • Substances and how they impact your driving ability.
  • A recap of traffic laws and regulations for your state.

Training in defensive driving makes you a better driver and saves you more in the long run. Thankfully, you can even take a defensive driving course online as your time allows, and here is why it is worth it.

It refreshes your driving knowledge.

If you have never gotten a chance to open your highway code again, then defensive driving is something you should take. It is easy to think that a driving experience will keep you safe, but the truth is that experienced drivers are often out of touch with traffic laws and regulations, and they may have changed over the years. So, taking a defensive driving course refreshes your driving knowledge.

It gives you an opportunity to dismiss your driving tickets.

If charged with a traffic offense, taking a defensive driving course can have your tickets waivered. Luckily, most of the state-approved defensive courses can be done online. As a first-timer, you are also spared the notification on your driving record, which prevents the increase of your insurance premium, saving you money in the long run.

It saves you from high insurance premiums.

In some states, insurance companies are mandated to provide insurance incentives to defensive driving graduates. For instance, in Pennsylvania, drivers over the age of 55years can qualify for a 5% discount on their vehicle insurance if they complete a mature driver improvement course valid for three years. Such insurance premium discounts save you more, especially if your insurance premium is at its highest.

You become a safer driver.

Taking a defensive driving class makes you a safer driver. Hazards are always present on the road regardless of where you are driving, and defensive driving trains you to react promptly and safely to protect yourself from other drivers’ carelessness, poor weather, and poor visibility.

You develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Although a defensive driving course comes with tangible benefits like saving money, you also achieve a high sense of personal responsibility. You will learn that you are responsible for your safety on the road and improve your awareness when driving.

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