Monster Trucks Racing Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

These are not your usual monster trucks! This monster truck is literally! Monster Trucks Racing is a brand new physics-based racer based on the upcoming film from Paramount Pictures. You control monster trucks that feed on real monsters! Drive your trucks and explode various thematic courses complete with hills, obstacles, jumps and much more! We will help you increase past competition with our Monster Trucks Racing Cheats, Tips and Tricks Strategy Guide!

  1. Everything about this control!

Like most physics-based 2D racers, you’ll need full control of your truck so you don’t crash or explode! As the textbook reminds, the use of gas makes you lean back, and braking tilts you forward. This allows you to drive your truck when you are flying through the air or if you are starting to stagger a little. Make sure to orient your truck before falling to the ground for the smoothest transition from air to ground. It can also save you if you start to lean too much in one direction!

  1. Choose the best truck!

Some trucks are best suited for a variety of landscapes. Many of them specialize in specific statistics; Ragin ‘Red, for example, is more stable than other vehicles. Unfortunately, this also means that the vehicle is weaker in some aspect to balance. In the case of Ragin ‘Red, he lacks power compared to, say, a criminal. If you are on a course with short hills that will keep you in the air for a while, the stability of Ragin Red will shine. If you are on a course that has many steep hills you will need to climb, a truck with lots of energy will work better.

  1. Review your old courses!

We noticed that the unlock conditions for new cars are not entirely accurate. If you are trying to do everything, we recommend simply returning to the old levels and making sure that you beat the best time. Many unlocking requirements for new vehicles and levels require you to beat a certain level within a certain time. Some of them even ask you to use a certain car or drive a certain number of meters. In any case, you can do it and hope that it unlocks the car for you. When in doubt, just make sure you are in 1st place on each track.

  1. Grab these coins!

When you first unlock a new car, it will start with zero updates in each category. This can help return to the previous level – preferably a level that has a lot of easy to get coins. Coins in the levels remain in exact places, so if you remember a level that has a full range of them, try playing that once and again to update your new car.

This is all for Monster Trucks Racing game. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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