Airstream: Over Eighty Years in Business

Airstream is a nationally known United States based manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The manufacturing plant is now a subsidiary of Thor Industries. Production is still carried out in their plant located in Jackson Center, Ohio. The plant currently has a workforce of approximately 800 employees. 

Airstream’s Origins 

The company origins start with Wally Byam. Byam began building travel trailers out of Masonite on his private property in Los Angeles during the 1920s. Wally Byam was a publisher as his full-time career. To promote his travel trailers, Byam published a magazine selling kits to customers interested in buying their travel trailers. 

In 1936, Byam bought the Bowlus company and produced the first Airstream travel trailer. The now familiar sausage design, aluminum bodied travel trailer went on sale for $1200 with its self-contained water supply and electric lights. After the Depression, Airstream was the sole manufacturer still in business out of 400 travel trailer companies. 

Airstream Interiors 

Airstream Interiors come equipped with all conveniences like you never left home. Now offering high-fidelity sound components and luxury outdoor kitchens; no longer a fold out bed and a hotplate. If you are looking for a stylish interior, look no further than Airstream. Airstream travel trailers offer the latest interiors. 

The Airstream Community 

Once you buy your Airstream travel trailer, you will find out about the Airstream community. There is the official Airstream club, the Wally Byam Caravan Club International; you can joint. You can subscribe to the Airstream magazine, full of useful information. Also, there is Airstream rallies, factory tours, and campgrounds exclusive to just the Airstream owner’s use. There are also a number of airstream dealers in texas.

Durability and Dependability 

Of all the Airstreams manufactured since 1936, seventy percent are still in use today. Since the Airstream’s exterior is made of riveted aluminum panels and secured to a durable steel frame, they are built to last. 

The aluminum body does not rust, giving you a roof that can last a lifetime. Other exterior travel trailers are prone to fade, needing paint jobs every few years. Also, the aluminum body on an Airstream can be polished and look like brand-new. 

Airstream Towing Abilities 

Airstreams are noted for their aerodynamic styling, offering a lower center of gravity. This lower center of gravity benefits the driver with stability when making turns, unexpected movements, and wind gusts. This aerodynamic styling creates wind flowing around the curved exterior, with less drag, and better gas mileage. 

Airstream Size Benefits 

Airstream offers sizes from sixteen feet up to thirty-six feet long travel trailers. While the sixteen-footer provides a great weekend getaway for a small family; the thirty-four-footer offers plenty of room for larger families. Also, no need to worry about low hanging branches because of the rounded corners of the aerodynamic styling.If you are looking for modern interiors, aerodynamic styling, good gas mileage, easy handling, and a variety of trailer sizes for couples up to large families, Airstream brand is the one for you!

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