Benefits Of Air Travel

You have many options when you want to travel. Airlines know this, and do the best they can to offer deals as well as comforts that you can only experience when traveling by air. Here are some of the biggest benefits to travelling by air.

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Nothing beats air travel when it comes to speed. You won’t be flying on an experimental aircraft materials plane made by the government, but you will be flying on a tried and true jumbo jet that can fly anywhere from 300-600 miles per hour. Top speed for automobile travel is about 75 to 80 mph, and it’s not a straight shot to your destination as roads wind and turn. Flying is the fastest way to get across the country within a matter of hours.

For example, a flight from New York to Detroit takes about 4 and a half hours. Driving would take you about 9 and half hours, and a bus ride would take you about 15 hours.


Statistically speaking, flying in an airplane is much safer than driving a car. The main reason for this is that the sky is not nearly as crowded as the roads we drive on every day. The odds of dying on a flight are next to nil while driving in a car is much more dangerous.


Due to fierce competition in the industry, airlines have been able to provide some pretty low cost travel fares to make it more affordable than ever. A flight from New York to Detroit can be as low as $86 dollars, which is definitely worth considering as you would easily spend that much on gas driving there. Due to the low costs, air travel has become a staple travel method, which has also made air travel much more popular in recent years.


While airplane seats aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world, the nice thing is you only have to sit in it for a few hours on average. This beats sitting in a seat in a car for twice as long. Most airlines also provide beverages and snacks, as well as complimentary TV services to keep you entertained to help your flight be more enjoyable.

As you can see, air travel is a very good travel option for people who want to reduce travel time as well as travelling to your destination in one of the safest methods possible.






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