A Few Facts to Consider When Thinking About a Career in the Trucking Industry

One of the biggest industries in the transportation field is the trucking industry. Many companies contract trucking companies to transport their merchandise to different areas of the country. From cars to groceries, this area of service always has opportunities for a willing and able body to travel the US and deliver goods on time and in a courteous manner.

Top Companies Within the Trucking Industry

Many trucking companies have established a respected name within this field of freight. You may know some of these just by passing them on the highway time and time again; Knight-Swift, JB Hunt, XPO Logistics, and Schneider National, are a few that keep the roads hot transporting their client’s goods and services to their vendors. These companies named are a few that are ranked as Fortune 500 companies in this industry of moving freight. You may even encounter trucks from big trucking companies that run freight out of different border states such as CSA Transportation. This company has trucks that run out of Quebec, Canada and will transport to US cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle.

Company Brand Owned Freight Lines

There are, of course, trucking companies that are owned by the company they deliver for; UPS, Winn Dixie, and even the United States Postal Service are companies that will deliver to their own specific warehouses and businesses. These companies own freight lines around every coast on the map and will hire drivers to drive the regional areas that they serve.

A Promising Career in the Transportation Field

As you can tell, if a person male or female has the desire to work hard and does not mind a life on the road, the trucking field could be just the industry to pursue. However, it is not just as easy as deciding to apply and then getting hired to go to work. You will have to have a CDL License and most companies will put drivers in a training position before setting them out on the highway alone.

Entry Level Pay-Rate and the Benefits of Growing Experience

When a potential hire comes into work for a trucking company after obtaining a CDL license, they may be under a false impression of how much money they will start off making if they have had conversations with veteran truckers. So, it is crucial to note that entry-level trucking positions will pay substantially lower than the amount a seasoned trucker makes.

There are many factors that this idea is based upon. Pay-rate will depend on the area and how a company distributes pay to the driver. Some companies pay by the mile and some set a weekly or monthly rate. However, the rules for all trucking companies are that a rookie’s salaries will be lower until experience is gained. Trucking jobs are positions that will pay off as more of your time is labored.

A Promising Future for the Right Type of Person

As we have probably all heard in our pursuit to find that perfect career position, “not all jobs are right for all individuals.” Even so, this will be your own task to figure out. If you feel sure that a truck driving position is the right one for you, then why not take a chance and find out.

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