Benefits of Fleet Control by GPS for trucks

Truck fleet managers have a great responsibility. For this reason, fleet control systems, based on GPS satellite tracking technology, are ideal to complement their analysis and management tasks. These systems allow satellite tracking of each of the fleet trucks. In this way, it is possible to know the status of each of the vehicles, in real time, which opens a world of possibilities, which without the application of this technology, is impossible. You can read about the selection and purchasing of best truck GPS on .

Advantages of Fleet Control by GPS for trucks

Among the benefits provided by the technology applied to vehicle location by GPS in our country, we cite the following points as the most relevant, taking into account that each company has its own needs, which are covered due to the flexibility of the platforms, fleet management and control.

  • Fuel control: Variations in the contents of the tanks are known, which makes it possible to detect theft or increase the performance of the same.
  • Door opening control: Alerts are received and automatic reports are generated of where and when the vehicle doors are opened, either those in the cabin or those in the cargo compartments.
  • Speed ​​control: Reception of instant alerts when exceeding the pre-set speed limits, ideal to avoid fines and accidents.
  • Temperature sensor: It is used to monitor the cold chain in food transport, mainly.
  • Driver fatigue detection sensor: This system detects the slightest symptom of drowsiness in the driver, activating sound alarms to recover the alert of the person in charge of the steering wheel.
  • Anti-Collision System: It detects objects and vehicles, as well as the lines of the road with sound and visual alerts to avoid accidents.
  • Route control: It establish work routes and zones, with cell phone alerts or email if any vehicle leaves them.
  • Panic button: It generates an instant alert, with a call to the security or emergency forces, in the case of robberies or accidents.






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