Reasons Your Truck Need to be Weighed

Making sure that your truck or lorry is within the weight limit and that your cargo weight is steady throughout the state you’re traveling to is very important. Driving an overweight truck is not only dangerous that can lead to lethal road accidents, you can also be penalised hefty sums considering you tried to dodge the state or highway taxes.

Below are some of the most important reasons for you to weigh your truck before and while you hit the road.

Safety Reasons

Ensuring truck compliance with weight regulation for safety is essential. Weight limitation is one of the main structural constraints that every state has. If the weight of the truck is more massive than the limit, it can cause damage to the road over time. Not just the road safety but the weighing is also essential for the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the operator. Overweight and improper distribution can fluctuate the tire pressure and cause blowouts. A heavy truck is difficult to control in downhill which increases the risk of accidents and damage to the roads. Therefore, make sure to weigh your truck with reliable truck scales before you leave the site to ensure you abide by the rules and driver safety.

Taxes and Road Rules

Weigh stations along the highway is primarily created to calculate the taxes. Carriers need to pay the road taxes for driving the vehicle with heavy loads, and the tax is calculated by the weight of the load. The tax collected is used to maintain the road and bridges. Also, if the weight of the truck is heavier than the restrictions, you will have to split the load else you will need extra permit to move further. Overloading also means a violation of taxation rules so the operator must weigh the truck before sending out to avoid delays.


Apart from safety, taxes and road rules, the most important reason for business owners to weigh commercial trucks is profitability. Since the value of most of the goods depends upon their weight, the manager should calculate the weight of every truck shipped and received to ensure fair and profitable trade. This also helps to decrease and increase profit. This may not hamper in the short term, but in the long run, the company can face loss due to the inaccurate weight measurement system.

How Does A Truck Get Weighed?

There are many systems like wheel-weighers, portable truck scales, digital scales, weighbridge scales to weigh truck. Each one of them has its application depending upon the space required, weight limitations, the type of installation needed (temporary or permanent).

Weighing trucks with accurate scale are vital for the safety of your driver, cargo and as well as others on the road.

Bonus Tip:

Apart from weighing your truck while driving, for safety reason, your truck must be in a good condition, with good braking systems along with the best truck tyres. You must also need to check your driving logs and make sure that you haven’t exceeded the number of max hours you are allowed to drive.

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