The Top Reasons Why More People are Choosing to Buy Used Cars


We all know that buying a used vehicle will save you more money than if you were to buy a totally new vehicle. In fact, if you purchase a used car, you are almost assured that it will be around 50% less than a new car – and it doesn’t come with hefty fees like destination charges, shipping fees, and even ‘dealer preparation’ fees, either. But there are plenty of other reasons why more people are opting for used cars rather than new ones, and you may not even be aware of these reasons yourself, especially if it’s your first time to opt for a used car. So, what exactly are these reasons, and why should they make a difference? Here are the top reasons why more people are choosing to buy used cars.

1- A car that’s been thoroughly checked, inspected, and certified

Of course, if you buy a used car from a private seller or individual, you can never really know how good the purchase will be. That individual may just be trying to get rid of their old car in the fastest possible way, and they don’t really care how their car functions as long as they can sell it. But if you purchase a car from a reputable car dealership such as Young Automotive, one of the most reliable car dealerships in Utah, you can be sure that the car will have been thoroughly checked, inspected, and certified. This means that the dealership will make sure that the car has been inspected and refurbished if necessary, and it will come with a certification as well. The dealership will, after all, have their reputation to protect, so they will make it a point to inspect the vehicle and vouch for its high quality.

2-Lower premiums on insurance

Here’s the thing, if you have an accident using a new vehicle, the insurance company or provider will pay for what the car’s value is at that particular time, which leaves a gap or disparity between the car’s price upon purchase and its actual worth. This is called gap insurance, which is insurance that will provide coverage for the difference between the actual sale price of the vehicle (what you paid for it) and its value upon depreciation, which will increase your insurance premiums. But if you buy a used vehicle, you don’t need gap insurance, simply because the car has already depreciated.

3-Lower fees for registration

In many states in the US, your annual registration charge or fee will depend on the value of the vehicle and the year it was manufactured. In general, the registration fee is higher during the car’s initial three years, but it will level off or go down after the car is five years and older. If you go for a used car, you should be able to save as much as a thousand dollars if your used car is more than or equal to three years old.

There are plenty of other reasons why it makes more sense to buy a used vehicle – it’s better when it comes to the environment because a lot of the carbon dioxide produced by a vehicle in its lifetime is produced during the vehicle’s shipment and its manufacture. Also, with a used car, you may still benefit from an existing warranty and lower costs of customization compared to new vehicles.

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