Seven Ways to Protect the Paintwork on Your Vehicle

In this article we take a look at how you can protect the paintwork on your vehicle and how simple everyday occurrences can have a negative impact on it.

From Up High

Bird droppings are annoying, but did you know they can not only ruin the appearance of your paintwork but can also lead to corrosion? The same can be said for spilt fuel and finger writing.

Fix It

Fortunately, if you act quickly, permanent damage can actually be easily avoided – try a number of recommended Speedliner products, for example – and your pride and joy will be returned to its former glory.

A Bug’s Life

As little and inoffensive as they might be, bugs are acidic and, if not removed from your paintwork, can have a seriously damaging effect on it. Top tip: when removing bugs use a small amount of bug and tar remover and a soft wash cloth.

Full to the Brim

Our advice is don’t. Filling your car to the top with fuel increases the risk of fuel spillages, which, left unattended, can spill on to your paintwork. These stains can be extremely difficult to remove. Top tip: if fuel spillages occur, act quickly by using a fine microfibre cloth to remove them.

Those Pesky Birds

Birds live off berries and seeds and can even ingest gravel, so bird droppings are acidic and grainy and can seriously damage your paintwork. Top tip: use a soft microfibre cloth, spray on a small amount of wash solution, use a lifting rather than a dragging motion, and bird droppings will be no more.

For further protection, it’s also worth researching Speedliner applications from These help to protect your vehicle from day-to-day wear.


Stones, pebbles, chips – they are everywhere. If left, they can chip the top paint coat, so our top tip is to act quickly to avoid rusting.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Don’t doodle on your car. Your fingers are like sandpaper on your paintwork. Top tip: use a duster every day on your paintwork.

Cover Up

Polluted air can ruin your car’s finish, so here’s another top tip: keep it covered if parked outside.

Keep It Clean

Make sure that your wash cloths are clean. Top tip: clean cloths every time.

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